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Department of Pharmacology
Faculty of Medicine
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka.

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May 2022

Welcome to the Department of Pharmacology

Our Vision

“Our vision is to teach pharmacology through novel and innovative teaching methods, where students will actively involve in the teaching program, thus students will understand pharmacological basis of patient management they practice as doctors in future “

“We are also committed to promote a ‘research friendly culture’ in the Faculty, by providing guidance and support towards any research activity conducted by students or the academic staff of the faculty, related to Pharmacology”

Message from the Head of the Department

Pharmacology is a specialty where we learn about medications and devices used in the management of patients. It is often considered as a hard discipline by medical students, because there are so many different minute details they got to learn and remember. Students often adopt to this task though simply memorizing, which makes it hard for them.

Here at Faculty of Medicine, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, we try collaborate the clinical training of students with the pharmacology teaching activities, so that students can learn the pharmacological principals of therapy in the context of clinical training. Students should apply their knowledge in Physiology and Pathology in understanding principals of medications taught in Pharmacology. Most indications, actions and side effects of drugs can be predicted/explained by your physiology and pathology knowledge. It is also important to emphasize the students that clinical Medicine is based on the three pillars; Physiology, Pathology and Pharmacology. Thus, you are not learning Pharmacology just to pass exams, but to be a competent and safe doctor.

As a department we encourage self-learning by students, and try to arrange the teaching program promoting self-learning by students. The outcome of any program depends on the attitudes of the stake holders. We expect full cooperation of students in this regard, so that we can make the Medical faculty at Wayamba University of Sri Lanka a center of excellence.

We encourage students and the academic staff to engage in research, and pledge full cooperation and support that can be extended as a department towards it. We wish well to all our students to be the best of the best!

Prof. Priyantha Perera

Acting Head Department of Pharmacology